My goal for the evening was to have a good time and take as many pictures of spooky creatures as I could. I defined spooky creatures as anything at least a little zombie or halloweenish.


Even just the word "ZOMBIE" on your shirt counted.

















The guy with the green cape said he was "a plant".


That sound cart with the green lights was pumping out some serious dance music. I followed it for a while just because I liked the sound.




By this time we were on the 4th floor of a huge parking garage by a mall in South San Jose. There was a really good party vibe in the air. People were just happy to have shared the experience of getting there and it was great. The people in costume were something of a minority, but they drew my eyes so I kept taking pictures of them.





People getting their bird patches now are white birds.




Peter said things are going great working in a bike shop. He has a really nice Rush Hour fixie.


When I hit the road after the regroup I was near the back of the pack. I rode along until I found an intersection where the ride had to turn but there was no bird guiding the way. I pulled over and yelled "bike party, left turn!" every time I saw bicyclists coming. After a while the traffic thinned out. The guy in the black shirt was another bird that had been warning people about the turn a hundred yards up. We agreed that it was mostly done and headed onwards. A few hundred yards down the road we found a sound cart that had blown a tire. He had the tools to help them, so I left him with them and moved on.

By this time I was more or less alone on the road. I followed the route on the sheet until it said turn right on San Carlos. I figured no matter what it was going to be a lot of peddling to get back to Mountain View. I turned left. It wasn't long before a bunch, maybe 50 bike partiers caught up with me. They turned out to be a ride going from the finish back to Campbell. We rode together until they turned left on Bascom. I turned right there, and then sort of zigged my way up to El Camino.

I stopped at Denny's for some food and a rest when I passed that. There was another Bike Partier there, headed for Alum Rock. I wasn't sure if he was headed in the right direction, but I'd forgotten my map so I couldn't help him out. I finally got home after 2 AM. I was happy though, it had been a great evening.

A few days later I found out that Garrett Birkel also took a bunch of good pictures. See those by clicking here.