There wasn't that much participation in the theme at bike party this month. Being a hardcore member I just needed to be there but I wasn't expecting much. Virginia and I zombied up anyhow. It was kind of fun. Lizzie is good at zombie makeup, so it was a matter of doing what she told us to do and sit while she did her magic. Turns out there was more theme participation than I expected. Dr. Booble also did something, bringing a major quantity of zombie juice.

All those people with glow in the dark sticks in their drinks are turning into zombies. I know it's hard to see, but that was how this theme worked this time.

What's easy to see is that it was a wet, wet, night. I spent most of the evening piloting Virginia's tandem, something I can't do with just one hand. Also, most of the rest of the evening it was raining. I didn't want to ruin my camera by bringing it out then. Sorry, the above are all the pictures I took worth sharing.