The theme for this month's bike party was "Let's Kick It!" I decided to catch as many of the world cup and/or soccer themed sights as I could.



Mexico is by far the favorite team in San Jose. I was seeing green everywhere.


Bhutan? Okay...

There was this ramp with a cleared space around it. Kids were doing flying tricks. There was a large and growing crowd of people watching the action.


I saw quite a few people fly, but I didn't see anybody fall.







Beyond the beans, there was some kind of an electrical system in that white cart. It was pumping out tunes that just made me want to dance. The pedalers were probably powered by beans though. I've done many bike parties on burrito power, which always has lots of beans in it.



I love it when bike party stops at red lights.




The fine print on those blue shirts reveals that they are Italy fans.




I wish I knew what the red and white team is.




If I knew where to get a vuvuzella, I'd probably get one. They make a marvelous amount of sound.


It blew my mind to see this kid quietly watching cartoons on TV in the midst of all the comedy of bike party.


Somebodys gift to bike party was fireworks. There was more of that kind of thing than I ever remember seeing before.

Sometime around when this picture was taken they asked everybody to hoist their bikes over their heads. I wasn't ready at the time. You can see a good picture of that by clicking here.





I think Gonzalez is the Chilean who scored a goal against Switzerland.


TreatBot was at all of the breaks in the ride. I succumbed at the last break, and my cone was delicious. One thing about bike party that has really evolved is that there are more food vendors at the breaks than there used to be. Now you can show up hungry with money in your pocket, and you'll do okay. It wasn't like that back in the Bush II era.


This pair of burners were the last bike partiers I talked to before setting out for Mountain View. To do that I went up Capitol to Hostetter (which turned into Murphy and then Brokaw), through the airport, around the runway, and up Central Expressway to Mountain View. I remember them vividly, because the guy remarked that "bike party is sustainable. The way the guy said "sustainable" made it sound like the essence of everything good.