Ugly Sweaters is a theme that I didn't get. I found an "ugly sweater", meaning the art was awful and it has strings hanging down and so forth, and wore that.

On my way to the start I noticed that the convention center now has another wing where the library used to be.


Then when I got to the Discovery Museum parking lot I discovered a lot of people with really tacky sweaters on!










I asked how come there was no baby Jesus in the creche and the guy said "Not born until the 25th."





By this time we had finished waiting for whatever it was that we had to wait for. The riding started. Everybody was in a good mood.


I read later that Andrew Boone counted 675 of us coming out of the parking lot at the beginning of the ride.


Ed's sweater wasn't ugly, but he was riding his 51st consecutive bike party! Gotta document that kind of streak.


There were lots of houses with lights on outside in Willow Glen. These were just the ones I saw when I wasn't talking to people or something like that.




By now we were into the second regroup's time frame.









After we started rolling again we went a long ways up Winchester. Many went right on San Carlos, but I figured it was time for me to head for Mountain View. Along the way I passed this one house that was very decorated for the season. Last picture of the trip!