Virginia and I took a couple of evenings to put together the wreaths on the back of the tandem. They were made using paint and ribbon from Michaels, cardboard from SAP's recycling stream, and hot glue from my gun. We were looking forward to an evening of rolling with friends and looking at Christmas lights. The theme for the evening was "Ugly Sweaters".


It wasn't long after I got there that I realized this was one of the popular themes with a lot of participation.



Ugly sweater-dress is close enough to on theme for me. So is ugly hair.



Willie (or was it his wife?) did another heart warming Christmas display this year.



Lloyd explained that his red sweater hadn't been ugly enough. He solved the problem by taking the time to sew on a paper snowman. Dude! That is one ugly sweater...


This vendor seem to be doing well enough. I see the same guys over and over, so I guess bike party works for them. Works for me!


After the regroup I gave Virginia the camera to take pictures from the back of the tandem as we rode along. She took most of the rest...








We birded at San Carlos & Bascom until the rest of the ride had gone by. At first it was a river of lights going by. It took me a while to get bored enough to get out my camera. After that it was not many more, and most of those hadn't decorated. I got a few pictures though.


Happy holidays, and I hope to see you on your bicycle sometime next year!