The weather wasn't the best. The temps were cool but not too bad. The problem was that there was a 50% chance of rain. It had rained recently enough that the ground was wet, but as the ride gathered it wasn't coming down. Attendance was down, but that bad. There were still many dozens of riders up for a christmas bike party.


The wet roads added a nice reflected image to the lights.








Jarek was our fearless leader in November. It was a great route and a great crowd, but I didn't bring my camera to document the fact. Sorry about that.



About this time it started raining again. Nikki borrowed my poncho. I was glad to lend it to her, because she was rolling without any rain gear. Turns out that my yellow cycling jacket and ugly sweater were plenty warm and dry enough to keep me comfortable. That was a pleasant surprise!


Not only were the christmas lights on the houses fun, but we were to. I suppose we were a river of blinking lights and christmas greetings to the people having their christmas parties. Everyone was feeling the holiday spirit.

I took to singing "I'm dreaming of a light christmas, just like the ones in San Jose..." Still working on the rest of the lyrics for that.




When she returned the poncho at the end Nikki had great things to say about how good a job it did of keeping her dry.