While I steered the bike Virginia took a few pictures from the back seat. We both pedaled. The revolution will not be motorized!



Thank you Cameron for the awesome shirt art!


The guy posing as a windmill had some good news. He explained that 7% of the fossil fuels used in the USA are used to make fertilizers for the plants that are the basis of the food we eat. Working with farmers in Kansas, he had developed a way to make fertilizer that's just as good using wind power and water as the main inputs. His process uses wind to generate electricity, then he uses that to dissociate the water, and then the Hydrogen from that is fed into the (Did he say "Haber process" or "Faber process"? Anyhow something like that) to make fertilizers. Comes out with good fertilizer that can be sold competitively at a good price.


We really did have those awesome robots getting down on the dance floor. Took it to a new level!


So many old friends were there. It was awesome.






Kind of amazing that Lloyd's camera would flash right exactly when I was taking a picture of Nancy and Laura.






I'd put a list of all the bike partys I'd taken pictures at on the side of my bike. Not so many people noticed it. Didn't matter much. It was great to see so many old friends and dance and socialize and generally be happy to be out with them.

Should have turned the handlebars so that you could read the "California trumps Trump!" above the revolving green lights on the front wheel.