This month I got to bike party late because This guy I was talking to in the garden just wouldn't shut up. He just kept talking and talking. Finally got to the start just as the last of them were leaving. Had to pedal for a few miles before I caught up with enough people that I felt like I was at bike party.


There were lots of Captain Americas. Also quite a few incredibles.


I just didn't do a good job of capturing the excitement. There was so much more I could have taken pictures of.

There was this one moment when they were backing up at a light. Nobody had pushed the button so I went over and did it. Standing there I thought "This is my one good chance to take a bike party group shot. You see what I got. A tiny percentage of the 1020 people that Elani counted as we went by her.


Rick was our fearless leader this month. He worked out the route, led the test rides and showed up all the ways he was needed. Thank you sir!


There was a big party going on and I caught the vibe for sure. Didn't spend much time taking pictures, but I had a good time.

My duty for the evening was to call out "Right on Autumn!" where Autumn Parkway turns right from Coleman. After the crowd got quite thin I headed for Mountain View.