I was surprised to see someone else doing the Star Wars theme on Caltrain. Usually I don't see anyone else headed for bike party until I'm much closer to the start. That was a nice change! Once I got there there were quite a few people doing something for it. Lots of fun was had collecting the pictures....


Not many of us are talented enough to make a trike into a star fighter. Cosmo won the "WOW! *ON THEME*(TM)" award! He even has an R2D2 unit backing him up.

We started the ride with a "spin around the galaxy". That would be once around the park on the road that circumnavigates it.


Lots of people did something for the theme, but many of them looked like normal San Jose residents until you looked close enough to realize they were representing.





R2D2 was the most popular Star Wars character.


Usually we recommend riding the bicycle, not carrying it on the back of your "bike".



The lights on that helmet blinked and swirled randomly. Didn't remind me of anything in particular from Star Wars, but it looked good.


Starting after the first regroup I saw these shirts sprinkled through the crowd.



Right about then the lights went out in the parking lot where we were regrouping. It was like we'd suddenly fallen into a black hole.


I heard some conspiracy theorist say something like "they shut off the lights to get rid of us. It didn't work." Later talking to Gary he said "They always turn off the lights in that parking lot at 10 PM." Whatever the reason, that was the end of my crowd browsing. Spent the rest of the regroup talking to friends. I heard later that the darkness made the action on the dance floor a lot better. Many enjoyed that!


The rest of the ride was uneventful. Not long after we reached the end some cops showed up to send us on our ways. I followed a batch of riders leaving the plaza going westbound, but when they went south on Market I went right on Park, that being my way home from there.

Yup. On the way home I stopped and picked up a few things at the grocery store. #Quaxing being the in thing, you get to see this picture of my loaded bike!