It was another poorly participated in theme. There were some that did something, but they were a minority. Being a fan of bike party themes, I just had to honor those individuals.


Gotta love Nat's Spock socks! They even have the ears.


This guy was one of the Star Trek crewmen. I asked "Can I take your picture?" He said "Only if you're in it." Okay, I'm in it.

That guy was dressed like Captain Kirk. I asked his date what she was. She said "The Captain's love interest." Works for me!


ET? Really?


Yup, at busy intersections San Jose Bike Party still waits our turn to move forward legally!

Smokehouse Jerky had a table. I tried a couple of flavors. It was good, if you like dried meat.

Turns out that our second regroup was in a place where food trucks weren't allowed. We found out by them not going there. Without food a lot of people left early to look for something to eat. Ooops. Probably everybody that had anything edible to sell there sold out. Even Frederics doughnut stand.



These guys came all the way from the East Bay to represent at San Jose Bike Party! The dance floor was where the action was at.