I had a piece of pizza to start the evening. Can't say I spice bombed it, but I like the smell of that flavor!

Then I joined the preride with Ivan, Joe, and a bunch of local kids. Once we started rolling the crew just grew organically. I ended up chasing Yoshi down the road. He knew a few shortcuts, so we were able to keep them in sight, but we never caught them.

I was going up a ramp when I noticed that my shadow was bigger than a car ahead of me!

I'm sure I've seen oil paintings of this general view or pieces of it.


Once we got there I started looking for safety wear to document. There was lots.


The Planned Parenthood girls were handing out safe sex kits. Condoms, lube, and whistle kits in a plastic bag with their business card and an info sheet.


Hella Party in that trailer!




I think Ed said this is his 43rd consecutive 3rd Friday San Jose Bike Party ride. That's three and a half years of riding with us on Friday nights!





About then the batteries died in my camera. I'd forgotten to charge them when I was running on the other set, so my camera went down for the night at that point. Suffice it to say I had a great time.

Getting home wasn't bad either. I took the last light rail to Baypointe and then pedaled from there. Got home about 2 AM.