Bike Party's theme this month was "Rocky Horror", meaning do something inspired by that '70s movie that was so bad it was good. Me, I couldn't think of anything. Partly that's because I'm chicken on the lipstick and fishnet stockings front. I just don't want to wear those. I was curious to see how others felt about it.



Eric and Cosmo set the standard for "doing it right!"



I don't remember the gorilla scene...


Yup. Bike Party still stops for red lights! I still like that.


That Sunnyvale Volleyball Champion may not look like something out of Rocky Horror, but his sound system was blasting the movie sound track. Very apropos!




I birded for a while, trying to get notable sights as they zoomed by. I missed some good sights by not being ready when I saw them.


The woman with the red wheels wasn't part of bike party. She just wanted to cross the street. She waited patiently with me for quite a while before the traffic cleared enough that she could safely cross. I took her picture after she did quite a bit of waiting.


Peter wanted to be in my pictures, even though he didn't look Rocky Horror at all. He found a friend that was awesomely sexy maidy and they did the time warp together. I figure anybody that could do the time warp must be on theme.


"Let's do the time warp again!"


Coming out of the regroup there was a ghost bike by the street. Click the picture to find out more about that.

After that, it was mostly pedaling for the finish and talking to people I was riding with. Not a lot of photo ops.


I was browsing the crowd at the end when I heard a thump followed by people yelling "Call 911! Get an ambulance!" I echoed the word down the line and started running for El Camino. It wasn't long before cops had parked their bikes in the road to keep cars from making the guys problems worse. They showed up in not more than a minute.


Somebody told me that it had been a hit and run. The rider had been crossing the road to enter the parking lot when a car had driven right into him like the driver hadn't even seen him. I heard "head on collision." The front wheel of the guy's bike was bent like a taco. All I could think was "this is bad." All the other onlookers had sick (meaning troubled in that "it could have been me" way) looks on their faces.

It wasn't long before fire trucks replaced the cop motorcycles blocking the road. Soon after that the ambulance showed up. It must have been bad because the guy took the ride in the ambulance.

Later in's reflections on the ride MVRobb wrote "A young male got clipped by a southbound car on El Camino Real. He had crossed the island from the northbound lane to take a short cut to the end point. He did not have any lights on and was not visible to the driver. Pretty scary, I was in the parking lot and all I heard was the loud THUMP. A friend and I ran out with several others at the scene to stop traffic. He was shaken up,bruised and scrapped up but will survive. The driver of the car pulled over and cooperated with the police on scene." In another comment somebody else mentioned that the rider had broken his pelvis. Another said that the driver was DUI and so was the rider.


It was a while before the crowd trickling in wasn't polluted by the memory. The red hand glowed in the dark, but my camera just wasn't sensitive enough to capture the effect. One problem is that there isn't a software button for turning off the flash. Grrr...

Hmmmm... John has a cute date! I've not seen that before...