I was on my way to San Jose Bike Party's Ride Of The Gods when I noticed that yet another huge building is going up on Tasman Street. This one is right near the corner of First St.


I could tell when I was getting close to bike party, because I started seeing gaggles of bicyclists. They were all heading for the parking lot at First and Hedding, where it was scheduled to begin this month.


I suppose that when many bicyclists pray to God, at least part of the prayer is "DON'T DOOR ME!"


About then the Candidates on the June ballot started making their case for the bicyclist vote.


Sam Liccardo and Dave Cortese both sound like good candidates. San Jose is lucky to have two good choices!


Pierluigi Oliverio also talked to us. It was hard to concentrate when I was surrounded by so many Gods.


Kathy Sutherland and Susan Marshland both sounded good for City Council.


There were lots of Gods to be found. Aztec gods, Roman Gods,...


Greek Gods, Viking Gods, and Ed. Now Ed's record is 56 consecutive SJBP events, which makes him an awesome God of persistence!



DaBrim makes any bike helmet into a hat with a great shady brim. Gotta love the kind of gods that think up that kind of accessory!


I saw Boone counting. Later on facebook he said the count was something like 1800.





There were plenty of sports gods. I thought about showing up in a GORE 21 jersey but I was hung up by the fact it was $100 at Sports Authority. Couldn't talk myself into giving that much money to the NFL for one shirt that isn't even wash and wear. Gotta respect those that are willing to represent though!





I can really relate to that idea the greenback has something to do with the ride of the gods.

Betcha a lot of football gods are going to visit that stadium once it opens!


These guys were all birding different turns in God forsaken parts of Milpitas. Big thanks for the work!



The light show that bike was dropping gave the place a total disco feel.


There was a shortage of Ravens this month. One of the problems was that the confetti bomber marooned them in one place while they cleaned up confetti more than once. Another was a shortage of volunteers for the role. We need more Ravens.


There was an accident on the last leg of the ride. Somebody had his front fork mashed by a car and might have suffered a concussion in the wreck. Purple was there to triage the hurt guy. Everybody was all smiles at the end. Another great bike party!