Before the ride we were worried about Pokemon Go players missing the details that make people safe. To make a long story short, that was a silly concern. Thanks for the image though, Booble! The theme this month was red, white and blue. There was lots of participation.






See that long procession of bikes in the right lane, everyone giving each other plenty of room, but still close enough together that it feels like a party? That's bike party enjoying the evening. Somebody counted 1507, but I'm not sure where. Probably it was somewhere on this leg of the ride.


We'd stop for a light and a large number of people would gather behind me fairly quickly.


By the time we got to the first regroup everyone was in a good mood. Something about riding together does that to people.






I volunteered to bird the "Left on Plumeria!", so I left the regroup for my post as soon as the music stopped. That worked great, I was there long before the bulk of the riders started to show up.

I like to take a picture of our fearless leader, but I didn't get any good chances to photograph Sherm. Probably this is the one of him going left on Plumeria. Hadn't got the timing for the shutter down at that point. Sorry Sherm. He made us a great route, despite not posing for a picture.


Maybe blue with stars isn't quite red, white, and blue, but it was hard enough to get good pictures that I'll take it.


Birded until it got to the point that the road was empty behind me. Then I started to roll for the second regroup. Turns out there must have been more, because every now and then another group of friends would catch up with me. Also, once I had been rolling at a good pace for a while I started to pass people taking it slow. At this point bike party was a seemingly endless river of small groups, each having a good time in their own way.






Grrr... I gotta figure out why sometimes this camera goes fuzzy like that.

Mountain View was the opposite way from the last leg of the ride, so rather than follow from there I stayed at the last regroup until everyone else had left and then went home. Feeling grateful for another marvelous evening to remember with bike party!