Going into this one I wasn't real sure what a "Raver" looked like. I just took pictures of everyone that looked out of the ordinary or eye catching in some other way. I also took pictures of everyone else that wanted their picture taken. Check out the best of what I found by scolling down this page.






The guy in the black shirt explained that it was a "Jamaican Lion".

We started rolling just before the sun went down, when the shadows were getting long. Summer light!




You can't tell from looking at the sign, but we were waiting at Matrix when I took this picture. Seems to me the road had a different name before they put in that fancy casino, but I forget what it was.



I censored the number on that license because the guy behind the wheel saw me taking a picture and said "I don't want to get in trouble." He's just another law abiding citizen if you want my opinion.



That's a fireworks display above the tree.

The regroup was mostly a time of wandering around talking to people. It was a huge parking lot full of small clusters of friends. There was enough sound coming off music bikes that the talking people weren't all I heard. The tone of the sound was beautiful.

I remember talking to one guy that said he'd gone into the military as an enlisted man and come out as an officer after three tours of duty in Iraq.

There was a couple selling T shirts with "I BIKE THIS CITY" on the front, with the "bike" being a picture of a bike. The back had "SJ BIKE PARTY" in very big letters. I tried to get a picture of them, but I couldn't get a good one. I wish I'd gotten one of their shirts.



All too soon we were rolling again.



By this time the ride was very strung out. People started rolling from the regroup as they got around to it, which is different from the start when everybody wanted to get rolling at the same time. So instead of barely enough space it was comfortable to ride along.


The next stop was the "secret rave location". They had a real DJ, and he was mixing it down with a turntable and everything else.


It was awesome. A big dance floor with a jumping crowd. Glow sticks and such were flying up at random intervals from the dancers. A good time was had by all. I've never seen that much dancing in a San Jose Bike Party before!


I wouldn't say the food trucks were slammed, but they kept busy for sure.


Once we got rolling again I birded the corner of Tully with Cameron until the crowd got very thin. Then it was time to head for Mountain View. I was tired and reasonably content. It had been a very nice bike party!