Last month I'd ridden a raven bike instead of taking pictures. Isaul suggested that I go back to being part of the bike party photo patrol. Apparently there are people that like showing their pictures to friends, and my write-ups were being missed while I didn't do them. So I got the camera charged up and figured out something to do for the "Rainbow Ride" theme so I could photograph others takes on it.


I settled on the rainbow trout windsock. Then it took me a while to figure out the pole attachment. Turns out it was one of the more visible theme efforts.


Tinkerbell fairy Moya just put a spell on you.


Yay Ravens! I always honor those guys by including them in my pictures of the ride. They work hard to green the ride. So sorry I didn't get a shot of Bump'n Beaners Raven biking. When I saw them I had dirty hands and didn't want to touch my camera.


I swear that universe has a rainbow quality somehow...


Rainbow tie dye was probably the most common motif.



Bill had color filters over his headlights, worked as a low rez rainbow for me.

By this time we were mostly rolling. Occasionally we'd stop for a light. I got all those rainbow socks waiting for lights to change.




My friend with the cast was starting to become a regular rider on the bird rides. Then he got into an altercation with a turning car. Now he can't ride for a couple of months and has some medical bills to deal with. Further proof that forgetting the "DON'T GET SMASHED!" maxim is  a bad idea.

About that time I figured out that finding more on theme stuff was going to be extracting blood from a turnip. I met this woman, Paige. Ended up talking to and riding with her for quite a while. She was gracious about letting me catch pictures as the opportunity presented itself. That made riding with her a pleasure. Talking to her was fun to.


The red bike and red lights are both the same machine. So amazing that it can look so good and so different depending on the light level available.


Ed has now ridden in 59 consecutive bike parties. His record continues to grow.


The Paige story that I can't forget: She asks what I'm reading. I show her American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I tell her one of the characters in the book is a woman named Paige. She seems to be there to draw one into the page. The book really has a lot of riffs on the concept of "american god" in it. She tells me that her name is Paige because there was a Paige in this book her mom was reading when she was pregnant. Apparently it's the big mystery of her life what that book was. I flip to the copyright. 2001. Not possible for her to be named after someone in this book. From the other stories she said she's probably been out of college since sometime around then. We parted company when our paths diverged. Now I'm hoping I'll see her again somewhere down the road and we can start as friends then.