SJBP's Rainbow Bright Ride. Amy did the best job of capturing the "Rainbow Bright" look, (blue dress, rainbow hair, rainbow sox and armwarmers).


I found out later the count of riders totalled out to be 808 riders. Virginia took most of these pictures from the back seat of the tandem.



Some people looked at the theme and saw "Rainbow", ignoring the other name, "Bright". I was guilty of that to, paying lip service to the theme by covering up a car company logo with a rainbow fist on my other visibility vest, decorporatizing it and getting "on theme" in one sewing job.



Gotta honor the bike riding trickster and the shirt vendor that goes the distance under his own power!


Virginia and I birded the "Right on Tully!" turn. It took a while, the ride was already quite spread out by that time.


Wasn't that up for taking more pictures until these guys did an impromptu parade through the regroup. Then I got that "gotta take some pictures" feeling and made it happen. Had to race walk quite a bit to do it.


Liking that human rainbow!


Lots of smiles all over the place. Perfect bike party weather. Gotta remember it as a good evening.