The theme for this ride was "post apocalypse". To get us in the mood, many birds posted "apocalypse teams", friend lists that were sort of like cast rolls for the apocalypse movie. My favorite writeup was on Jarek's list, where I was "Most likely to die a dignified death and leave behind the answer." A lot of fun was had with that. I was looking forward to seeing what people did with it.


A lot of people responded to the apocalypse by dressing in military camo and packing heat. I only saw one bike with a steam punk cow catcher on it though.



That blond was probably the best looking zombie...


There was a brief bird meeting before we started encouraging people to start pedaling. I got distracted by the woman in green, so I can't say much about what was said except that Yoshi needed some more volunteers on corners. If you're not a bird and you ride in bike party regularly, please consider stepping up to help make future rides better. We can use the help!




Except for the lens cap, that's a great picture of a one of a kind bike. Didn't get another chance on that one.




It was a treat to watch the fire spinner do his thing.


I tried several times to get a better picture of that illuminated headgear. It was a great version of the spoke card art.  I never did see one of those to take a picture of...



There were lots of guys that dressed up for the apocalypse by not shaving for a few days. This was the only one that made a shirt statement out of it though. A stubbly chin just isn't enough dressing up for me to photograph. To be in these pictures takes something more than that.




I got an eggplant taco from the bike based taco cart. I'm getting food from him again. Yummmm!!! The other great food I saw that night was a woman who sold bowls of chopped fruit. That was delicious to. The food at bike party is definitely getting more interesting.


Somebody asked me what the horns had to to with the apocalypse. I said "we had the apocalypse and guess what? You woke up in hell."  Thank you Lia for taking this picture and giving me a Twinkie out of your shopping cart!

I never heard of California Circle before. Ever get that "where's that?" feeling?


Billy Cool said later that they had counted 3200 coming out of the start. He figured that at least 3500 people participated in the ride at one level or another. I had a great time, and I'm sure a lot of other people did to!