We got there early enough. The light was still good, and would be for a while. Bike Party in the house!


Roy had a collection of directional BIKE PARTY signs that Cameron had made. People that signed up for a turn were issued an arrow if they wanted one. The things looked to be well made and light enough.


Lots of theme participation, although some of it was rather subtle.



Some were looking forward to the water balloon fight in an "I'm ready for this!" kind of way.


At this point the waiting was over. We got on our bikes and headed out. Didn't even try to use the camera again until the next regroup.






Seems to me that kids nowadays walk a more magical path then the one my parents gave me.




About this time Virginia and I figured out that if we hauled ass we could make the next train to Baypoint, which would take fifteen miles out of the trip back to her place. That would get us there around 2 AM. We went for it.


There were a lot of bicycles on when we first shoehorned into the streetcar. People got off one or two at a time. We talked to those two guys for a bit. They were bike party veterans, having been going since our last pool party ride. They lived in San Jose then, but now they live in Milpitas and San Leandro. Still do bike party like it's religion. They got off at Great Mall. We stayed on to Baypointe. We were the only ones that got off there. Happy to have enjoyed another good ride with friends.