Weather was perfect for bike party. I had a first date I'd been hoping for since last year. Told her that I'd be the guy dragging around a large awkward fish kite. I was half way to bike party before I realized I'd forgotten my camera.

Tiff graciously agreed to take some pictures. Cell phone just happened to have a great camera. This was the first picture from that set. The dance floor was not yet populated with dancers.


The one with the solar panels on the curved surface is the Tiffany I've known for years. She comes to many bike parties, always feeding people hot dogs. At bike party she's everybody's favorite aunt Tiffany.

It was easy to get Tiff to take these. After that she balked at more. I honored that wish.


Rick probably had the best pirate costume at the event. My costume was a skull rag over my head that had skull and bones logos all over it. The thing that surprised me was that the cloth made my helmet a lot more comfortable. I could get used to that!

In the end I found out that she was a they and has a cat. Being allergic to cats I'm obligated to drop it at that. Still, it was a better value for the money than a movie first date. I'd love to do the same thing again with someone else. Looking for single females willing to bike that far (Fifteen to twenty miles.) and check out bike party with me. If that's you please get in touch!