It was raining just two or three hours before bike party, but the weather forcast said it would be a dry evening. We were hoping for the best.


The regular crowd was augmented by a few people that hadn't been there for a while. Among them was Booble, who took a year off "because I was really sick." Glad to see him back on the ride again!



Love that super reflective jacket!


Theme participation was a bit light. Probably we got pictures of most of the "party animals".





Maybe the tandem bicycles were a bit over-represented in these pictures. Virginia wants to show them(us) off!


Thank you music bikes for all the party atmosphere!




I remember enjoying the party at the regroup so much I didn't take many pictures. We had a good time, and I hope everyone else did to. Found out later the whole crowd was something like 350 people. Not bad for January!