It was Friday, January 21st, 2011. Starting in the parking lot of that abandoned theater on Capitol Expressway we (SJBP) had a very orange experience.




Those oranges were loaded with alcohol laced jello. Justin said later that they were back yard oranges from a friends tree. So tasty, interesting, and on theme!




One of the problems with the orange theme was that San Jose has orange street lights, so everything that was a shade somewhere between white and red looked orange. I found myself needing to ask some people "are you orange?" That woman in the Superman shirt responded to my question by showing off her "stealth orange" shirt.







I was surprised that I didn't see any Tennessee orange. Texas was almost common, and U of I was represented at least lightly.

I'm not sure if this was a family group or a teenybopper party with adult supervision, but many of them had orange tassels and they seemed to enjoy riding together.




This woman is working on an exhibit of wooden bicycles coming up in April or something like that in downtown San Jose. She wants to connect with bike party for a coordinated ride to kick off the event or something like that. Sounds like a great idea to me!



Even the moon seemed orange...









The woman in the "Lang Leve de Koningin!" shirt explained that in Holland in April they celebrate the Queen's birthday by turning the whole country orange. She'd been there and seen it, and the shirt was her souvenir of the experience.








Not so long after I took this picture I found a crew of birds to hang out with. Everybody was happy about what a great evening we'd had. We spent time talking over what we'd seen, and generally enjoying the perfect weather. There had been a few crashes, nothing too dramatic. The theme had been a success. Billy Cool said he counted 1050 bikers just after the ride started. Not bad for a winter evening.


After a while Teresa and Purple showed up. That turned up the party vibe a lot! Being as good at having fun as Teresa is takes talent and practice. A good time was had by all...

Yup. You've reached the foot of the page. Feeling orange?