When I got there I knew right away that this wasn't one of the bike parties that had a widely popular theme. Participation was light. By the time we rolled out this field was completely covered with bicyclists ready to ride.


Bob was in from Arizona. It had been a long time since he'd bike partied with the rest of us, so I had to document that.


There were a few batches of people that did something. I got pictures of those. Thanks for participating in the theme!


Aside from having an awesomely Japanese looking silk top Virginia had a cool laser on her bicycle that shot images of bicycles on the butt of whomever was riding in front of her. I didn't find out about that until later though.

Part of the ride was going through Japantown. Yup. Every signpost had an Obon poster on it.


One thing that made this bike party very different from most was there was only one very long regroup. It was more like a dance party with an involved intro and fadeout. Some people liked it, but some people didn't. The music was good, so I spent a lot of time dancing.

San Jose Taiko did a performance at the beginning of the regroup, but I was still coming in with the rest of the riders when that was going on. Sorry I can't share pictures of that with you.

A week or two later I talked to Carlos. He said bike party did a good enough job of cleaning up after ourselves at the regroup that the Flea Market people said we'll be welcome to come back and do it again some other bike party. Thank you everybody for that! Especially the ravens...