This months bike party started for me on the train. I mentioned to this guy that I was going to bike party and he started telling me about being at one of the first bike parties that met at the Campbell Water Tower. It was funny, because he got so drunk that he had trouble finishing the ride. Then he had to figure out where to sleep it off, which amounted to crashing the home of a fellow biker and falling down asleep until the next day. A wild and crazy guy!


Participation was light because there was rain in the forcast. Turns out the rain was more of a threat than a problem during the ride.


The theme was "Nightmare Before Christmas". They were expecting people to draw inspiration from the Danny Alfman movie by that name. Participation in the theme was very thin. Tiffany had sox to go with it that she wore to the test rides, but I forgot to take a picture. Then this huge Jack the scarecrow that rode the back of that tandem bicycle was about all the "on theme" stuff I saw that night. I decided to take all the "christmassy" pictures I could find, just to puff up this picture set.


We rode up and down through Willow Glen, passing many houses with delightful Christmas decorations.



I don't know the lady with the cowbell, but she does a lot for bike party. Many times I see her at the start selling head and tail lights for $5 each. This evening she announced the end of a regroup by wandering around "donging" her cowbell. It worked really well.

I think the guy juggling fire just saw us going by and decided to add something to the trip. He was just standing there on a lawn juggling these burning pins, as if normal people do that all the time. I had to take a picture.


I'd give Santa there a "Best Dressed Award" if I had one to share.


Jack the scarecrow deserved the "Most On Theme" award!

On the way home I passed more houses with nice Christmas lights...



...1901 ...