It was November. The Bike Party theme was "Mythical Creatures!" It wasn't long after I got there I started seeing them.


Thinking that's a Loch Ness Monster. A Unicorn. Some sort of sword weilding interdimensional swashbuckler.


Jacky brought a whole bag of mythical creatures. She was inviting people to imbibe them. I ate a unicorn. Now I'm farting rainbows.


That unicorn was saddle trained!


Nick was our fearless leader this month. The theme was his idea to.


That wearwolf was just not having a good day!

Anthony had a few brief announcements. There would be no Raven trikes this month, but we would have porta-potties! He asked people to not put anything in them that didn't come out of their bodies. "The rental place will charge us extra for that!" He reminded us that we all need to play a part in leaving no trace. Then "Rolling in five minutes!"


Mostly I enjoyed rolling along after that. Did see a few sights I wanted to share.

Mostly it was community members out for a good time with their friends. There was a pleasant buzz of conversation all over the parking lot.


This guy was selling the myth of car owership. You could buy any hot wheels he had in stock. Low money down, no future payments.

I got a couple of those hot dogs. They were okay. James does better ones for less, but tonight he was focused on other things.


You have been blessed by the farie. 676