Those two guys got on the light rail right after me, long before it left the Downtown Mountain View stop. It wasn't more than half a dozen stops down the route that there were another half dozen other bikes on the train. There is no longer anything unusual about bikes on light rail. We do it all the time.

California All Star has a team that does bike party every month. One of them carries another battery for the sound system. The guy in the camo pants rolls the big sound rig. Sounds good!


I didn't take many pictures at the beginning. Wandered around greeting people and pushing stickers. Then on the first leg I ran into Karen and Noreen and I just had to take a picture.


I talked to Laura a bit about her school. She reports working hard and being stressed, but says it is going well.

Roller girls were making the scene for sure! So was Carlos.



Diane has more stickers on her bike than everybody. She even has a dead president on her rear rack.


Whoever lit off those firecrackers left behind a mess.




Lots of reflectivity on those bikes!