Weather was perfect for bike party. I just had to go.

Rene is one of the guys that's been riding with bike party forever. He always rode a spiffy road bike in the past. Those days are over. This was the first time I saw the new Rene's ride. He's gone over to the eSide. Now he's riding a cruiser with electric assist.


Turns out I accidentally brought the wrong camera. Ooops. Neither mode does the scene justice. Oh well.... Gotta persevere with what I got. Too late to change it now.


The theme worked out to a "wear green ride". Beyond the green clothes, there wasn't much. Didn't see anybody carrying around a "blarney stone" or anything like that.

After Anthony did the pre-ride announcements we were on our way.


A new trend seems to be vending alcoholic drinks at the regroups. There are several such that seem to be doing well enough to come back again and again. Some are doing it as a way to enjoy the party more, but others seem to be in business.

Sheldon was gassed after hauling that heavy music trailer all the way from the start to the regroup. It's the tired that made people like Enrique go the eBike route.


Regina wanted me in my pictures. She borrowed my camera and took these two.


Lots of people enjoyed the regroup. The weather was perfect, the route was good, and all the usual suspects did their part to make it a nice evening.



Chongo was our leader this month. He did a great job.