That's what the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in San Jose looks like on a sunny but not too warm Friday afternoon.


She was one of the people that enjoyed my little speech in front of the Martin Luther King Jr. Library.

A little after 6 PM I went down to Bascom on the next train going my way. I ended up waiting something like eight minutes at the Paseo de San Antonio station.

The first time I shopped here Tamar wanted me to go with her to get something there. It's too far from the places I know for me to go there often. However, I blundered across the place waiting for bike party to start, and I've gone back a couple of times since. There really is a lot of music in that building.


That general area has lots of funky looking in an interesting way stuff. The vending machines outside Space Cat looked like they had been empty for a while.



By this time there was a steady stream of people heading for the bike party. I joined up, and it wasn't long before I was in a huge parking lot rapidly filling with people in a very good mood. The party vibe felt good.

I told Lisa about seeing her in the Burners Without Borders movie about the hurricane Katrina aftermath. She said that because of that movie she is now in the IMDB, as an actress who played herself in Burn on the Bayou.


The theme for this month's ride was "light your bike!" This woman was making her spokes glow.


They were giving out bird patches to everybody that was vibes watcherish and a regular rider.

This was the only bust I saw the whole evening, and it was right after the beginning. I think The cops wanted to make an example of someone. The impression I got was that they were getting tickets for pedaling thorough a red light. After that bike party did respect the lights a lot better.




I can't remember another time I posed with someone that has my nose and teeth. Well, not exactly, but closer than most. When she asked my name I said "Tian". She said "I have a tough name to. Tonolea." At least that's what I remember it sounding like. She has what I can only call a very sweet personality.


That bucket had ice, but the beer was gone by the time I saw it. The guy said it totally works as a way to use his bike rack.


At one stop these guys were selling these SJ BIKE PARTY T Shirts for $10. At the time I didn't realize that the ink was totally reflective. In normal ambient light the lettering is a smoky silvery presence, but when a light shines on it, it shines back. Now I want one. I gotta wait for another time though. I hope the project isn't over yet. That nights ride is for sure though.

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