San Jose Bike Party's Jersey Ride. The first on theme person we saw after we got off the Caltrain was Frederick. We didn't even leave the train station before I started taking pictures.


Larry's mom had been a knitter. Part of her estate was a whole bunch of warm stuff. He gave me a green neck warmer and matching fingerless mittens from the collection.


You can see them in my picture (21) above.




We birded the "Right on First!" corner. At first people were going by thick and fast. After the crowd thinned out I tried to get pictures of riders as they went by.


Missed a lot of jerseys. Sorry about that! It's tricky to get the shutter to go at just the right time.


As Isaul went by he told us "Not many more from here." We figured we'd stay until the next time there had been no bikes to see coming for more than a few moments.




That was my last birding picture. After that we got to itching to be at the regroup. Mounted up and got there as quick as we could.


There was a party going on. Spent some time eating and dancing and generally having a good time.


After that regroup we started thinking about all the stuff we need to do over the weekend. Ended up heading for home. The ride was far enough from here that we didn't get home that early. Got a good nights sleep before Cranksgiving though!