I first started running into other bike partiers on the train. It was neat to be one of hundreds or thousands converging on a great party.

I'd been hearing rumors that the Korean BBQ truck was good, so that's where I got my supper. I was too focused on the food to take a picture. Maybe next time. I had a yummy Asian spiced burrito, as filling as anything a Taqueria would offer. I didn't need food again that day.

I'm grateful to the pretty redhead for posing with my LEGALIZE IT, yes on 19 button. They were quite popular at the event.


My camera doesn't quite have a mode where I can capture people and the lights on their bikes well. Above you can see all the settings I have to choose from with low light. The one where the lights are most visible is a timed exposure, and it results in very arty abstract pictures when the lights are moving.


Taiko drummers leaving the stage also come out arty on that setting. I was too busy working the crowd while they were playing. As they were packing up I got this "I better take a picture" feeling, so there you see the best of what I got.







I caught Wild Bill telling the ride to go right at some intersection. Those red lights on his bike were brighter than most.


That green trike was hand cranked and steered. The rider was handling the distance and speed as well as the rest of us.

At the regroups the food vendors had plenty of customers. So did the liquor stores and fast food joints on the route, especially the ones with parking lots big enough to hold bikers that wanted to take a break from pedaling.



I saw quite a few tandem bikes, but this was the only one I got a good picture of.



I like the glowing fingertips on those gloves!


One of the more impressive feats of skill I saw was the guy riding and playing the bagpipes for long distances. He was riding hands free, which I've never been good at. The tunes were good to.


It was neat to see the bar patrons coming out to watch the parade of bike party going by. I peeled off once the ride got to Washington. That was about as near to my home as the ride was going to get. I just wasn't in a pedal until three in the morning mood. As it was, I got home a bit after midnight.