Bike Party started from three different locations this month. None of them were in downtown San Jose, where I was. I joined the pre-ride going to the Campbell start. There were bicyclists circling around City Hall plaza, and we talked some of them into joining us riding down the bike trail to Campbell Community Center.


I started looking for photo ops as soon as I got to the start. A lot of people were doing the Halloween thing!





By this time we were rolling towards downtown's Caltrain station.









Rolling down Santa Clara, the crowd was too thick for me to really look for good pictures to take. I mainly remember rolling with Laura and enjoying it.




















The end of the ride was anticlimactic. The post ride group to Mountain View was just three of us, Lawrence, Bex, and I. We were expecting to join with Andrew, but he never showed. We waited a while and then started pedaling. We were riding north and ended up joining with half a dozen young adults that were going our way. They had just had their first bike party, and were so excited by the good time they'd had. Riding with them put me in a much better mood. It was good to see the bike party magic work on them.