There was rain in the forecast, so I left my camera at home. All of these came from Virginia's phone. The batch she gave me started with the yummy food we ate at the restaurant where her son is the bartender. It was all $5 and $6 items from the happy hour menu. A yummy meal.



We had originally planned to get to Campbell on the light rail, but that plan went out the window when we realized she had to pick up her son at the train station because of the weather delays he had to deal with on the way back from Tahoe. We rode to the pre-ride start from the Pruneyard. Got there just in time to take a selfie with that rainbow. A nice miricle to start the evening with.


There was some other theme participation, but not that much. I heard that 134 riders were counted at some point. We got rained on several times, and each time some of us headed for home. A good time was had by many.

The only other pictures were a few of dancing at a regroup. This one was the best. Probably that meant she kept her camera dry, which was smart.