Virginia prepared for SJBP's Fruit ride by downloading the route information to her phone and getting a whole bunch of fresh local fruit.


She also found this shirt with a pineapple in the art in the depths of her closet and brought her friend Mary who also found fruit in the closet. For Mary this was her first bike party. To add to the challenge, she was doing it on a new bike. She'd gone 20 miles on the Guadalupe River Trail, so he was confident in her ability to finish. All I could think was "That's brave." What if something broke? What if her eyes couldn't handle the dark spots? She and Virginia are old friends, so if Virginia had faith I had to go with that.


Probably pineapple was the most popular fruit.


I'd wanted to get some Helium balloon fruits to put on the back of the tandem, but Diddiams was fruit free in the decorating department and I didn't know where else to look. That guy had better luck.

All of the pictures of people riding their bicycles were taken by Virginia while riding on the back of our tandem.




Boone counted 550ish of us.





Probably some of those people who didn't look on theme had on Fruit Of The Loom brand clothes.




That speaker box on Pei Mei's back weighed in at 38 lbs. I didn't know a human back could haul that much all evening!


Not sure how much of the difference between the colors in the pictures of Pearl and Nancy was the difference between Virginia's camera and mine, and how much was the difference between the lighting in the two situations.











So happy Mary made it through okay. She talked about having a crisis of confidence going up the hill on Ruby, but Jacky had pulled her through. We escorted her home after the end. She let us use the bathroom before we headed out for the rest of the trip home. That was so much better than having to ride all the way to a 24 hour Safeway in Santa Clara to get relief. Grateful that Virginia has a friend who lives downtown like that one!