The theme this month was "Formal Ride", a salute to all the Senior Proms at the schools around us. Decided to take pictures of everybody with at least a suit coat. Boone was playing politician, aiming for a spot on the San Jose City Council.

There wasn't that much participation in the theme. Probably I missed at least as many as you see above, but for the most part people were dressed up as themselves. Spent a lot more time socializing than I did taking pictures.


The ride leader was Frederick. His big innovation for the evening was bringing the green lit flags from East Bay and San Francisco's Bike Parties. They did make it a lot more clear than it usually is who to follow.


Probably there were a couple of hundred riders. The previous day had been very wet, and the forecast was for rain the next day. Lots of people had planned for something else because the hole in the weather wasn't visible in the forecast on Monday and Tuesday. It was a huge crowd compared to what we get on a real rain ride, but nothing compared to summer rides.


The picture on the left captures my feeling about how the theme went this month. There was that one guy that dressed the theme because he's into dressing that way, surrounded by a sea of others that just want to have fun and ride bikes. Yes, a lot of people had a good time, as is traditional for bike party.


Thank you everybody for a great evening!