Back to college ride. I started by giving pm (preventative medicine) to my bike. That included charging all the batteries in my lights. Gotta be seen at bike party!


For me back to college was all about getting a big batch of people to pronounce my name right. When I lived in Illinois I never did get the results I wanted. Anyhow, the first few times I tried the idea on people it went over like a lead pancake so I dropped it.


The theme wasn't that popular, but there were plenty of pictures to share. I saw the "BIKER FOR BERNIE" cards on quite a few of the bikes by the time the evening was over. I'd say he has many more advocates here because of that table. All of the other candidates are still ignoring the bike vote.


I gotta apologize to my friends for putting them through my camera's fun house mirror mode. It was an accident.



Bumping Beaners!

I got a red vine for a quarter from that snack cart lady. Thank you for setting a new standard in affordable minor snacking!


Both of these guys were asking bike party to go right. Thank you birds!


Then we got to the next regroup.



Lots of dancing and having fun with friends.



Right turn party! Thank you Bryan! Cool bike...


At the end of the ride I figured out I had to wake up early to do Tour De Fat. Ungh! So instead of hanging out I headed for the light rail station. We got the second to last train of the evening. Frat Boy joined us a couple of stops after we got on. Same story. He had enjoyed bike party but planned a full day the next day. Cedrik and I got back on our bikes at Tasman because the last bus to Mountain View left an hour previously. Still had to pedal eight or nine miles. That was half off the original trip though!