The weather report said there would be a 50% chance of rain in the early part of the evening, and a 100% chance of rain later. When I left home it was dry out, but by the time I got off the light rail in Downtown Campbell it was raining steadily. You can tell by the shiny streets in the backgrounds of these pictures that it was a wet, wet evening.


I heard later that somebody had counted a couple of hundred of us riding, but the number that really did something to honor the circus theme was much smaller.


It was so wet that I didn't want to risk the new camera my friend in New Zealand had sent me for Christmas. I only pulled it out when the picture was so good I couldn't resist. That didn't happen often. Mostly we were pedaling into a stiff wind with a deluge of rain making everything wetter and wetter.



In theory they had a circus act scheduled for the regroup, but in practice everybody was too wet. The parking lot didn't have that much shelter, so people were huddled against the building. Our ring leader pranced around a bit, but the jugglers were not there yet. Not long after that everybody decided that it was cold not riding, so we hit the road again.


A great time was had by all!