Was quite cold this evening for San Jose. I hot glued a Santa Hat on my helmet but forgot to take a picture. I had elaborate plans for a display on the back of my rack, but the support caved in before being there ten minutes. Gotta work on that!


The official theme was "Abominable Snowman". That's a pretty abominable snowman!



Anthony did the pre-ride announcements. Stay to the right! Stop for red lights! Don't get smashed! Leave no trace. Enjoy sharing the experience with everybody else. Please find a way to help bike party be an asset to the community. We're all volunteer everything so it can't continue without people paying it forward.

Probably the above was most of my theme sightings for the month. Partly that's because the cold kept people home. Partly it's the fact bike party just didn't embrace the theme this time. Partly it's because I was off my feed for some reason. Anyhow, I put the camera away for a while just hung out and enjoyed the moment.


This was the first time I'd talked to Megan. She's from East Bay Bike Party. Love the way the green light joins the red of her hat to bring real christmas colors to her face.

This was something like half of us at the second regroup. The rest were more dispersed, half a dozen people here, a couple over there. The cold had caused a lot of them to go home already.

After that I stopped taking pictures. Just enjoyed being around nice people and riding bikes.