This month my bike party started at the preride from The Off Ramp in Santa Clara. I'd guess there were a couple of dozen of us at the start. It was a neat group but they wanted to go fast. I let them zoom away from me not long after the start. Remembered a couple of errands I had to do or something like that. I got one picture of the guy that was only a few hundred feet away before he got away to.

Then when I got to the start I didn't take pictures for a while. The theme participation was too thin for me to get my camera out. Then it got better...



Nice to have Laura up from LA again!


Since Ed set the mark for consecutive bike parties at 64 (or whatever it was) nobody has had as noteworth a streak to document. That changed this month, as Eric Velasquez got to 42 consecutive rides with bike party. I promised him that I would document his streak every ride I make with my camera from now until it breaks.



Nice of the Green Ninja to represent!







Ronnie was our fearless leader again this month. A great route and so much other stuff about the ride worked out well to!



Can't have that many bunnies without a Hugh around!


I think the big ears made women want to have their picture taken with me or something like that. Anyhow, I got a lot more of that kind of attention than I'm used to. It was all fun! :-)