The course is quite flat. Plus or minus 222 feet in almost twenty miles is nothing. Those steep climbs are freeway overpasses, except for the one that really goes up and up. Even that isn't that much.


At the last regroup we had to wait for some people to use the bathroom. I pulled out my camera during that time and got a round of snapshots. I think I got just about everybody that was willing to have their picture taken.


What I remember most about the stop was discussing the more etherial aspects of whether a "Robin" was a bird or a woman with John. It had something to do with the more theoretical aspects of connection.


When I got to Baypoint there were three bicyclists waiting for the bus to Mountain View. I was sweating over the thought of having to ride the rest of the way home on my bike. Especially likely because I was the third guy to get there. Turns out the driver gave us a break. Since one guys bike was small enough to park between seats, the driver let us all get on. Thank you driver!

Coming up from San Jose I usually don't get luck that good. Many times on El Camino, the driver of the 22 would just "tough luck" me, and I'd pedal home. I got very used to that. I figured "it only adds a couple of hours to getting home" and stopped trying to get on the bus. One difference between this and that is that this time there really were only three of us that wanted to ride. There are so many people that want to travel El Camino that there really isn't room for all those bikes on the bus.