These are the pictures Virgina took during Bike The Limits. She didn't take her camera out until 25 miles into the ride.

First she followed the arrows to the regroup.

Then she took a picture with the guys (Eddie and his brother) doing that stop, Billy Cool and Katie. I think that was as far out as Billy Cool got. He hasn't ridden his bike much in the last year, so there and back again (50ish miles) was enough.

So pretty to see the resevoir so full of water with all the plants and trees green.


So cool that she got to see the Flinstone house, complete with the menagarie of life size dinosaurs in the yard.

Virginia was very happy with the placement of the signs leading to the regroup. They worked great!


After stopping at RG2 she followed the bay to the Dumbarton Bridge.


Crossed into Alameda County a few miles before reaching the last regroup.


We all sat and talked a while. Apparently the steady wind off the water was something to deal with while crossing the bridge. Then she figured 75 miles was enough and drove us to the end party.

Turns out that Robert and Ann missed a turn and so missed the second regroup. Everyone had good things to say about the views they had seen during the ride. The food was good to!

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