A new fearless leader. The route got better during the test rides. Was curious enough about the theme to bring my camera.


The green man makes that sign on topic, right?


Our fearless leader for the evening is the three eyed greenie!

Enrique and his ancestor were representing the tin foil hat conspiracy.


Anthony did the pre-ride announcements. Stay to the right! Stop for red lights! Don't get smashed! Leave no trace. Enjoy sharing the experience with everybody else. Please find a way to help. We're all volunteer everything, and it can't continue without people paying it forward.


Ian didn't look that on theme. Then he pointed out that the brand on his jacket made a lot of our spaceships to date.

So happy I got the MIB to investigate that bug on my bike.

After that I stopped taking pictures. Just enjoyed being around nice people. Had a great time.