Reverend Billy was at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco Tuesday evening. I've loved so many of his projects that I'd heard of before that I just had to go. This page contains pictures and words from and about the event.


That first picture shows bicyclists that were left on the platform in Mountain View because there wasn't enough room for them on the train. I saw similar groups of people at several other stops. I think by the time the train gets to Hillsdale or Millbrae the congestion eases, and after that it's easy to get on.

DNA Lounge is a two level bar, with a nice stage that's maybe five feet above the lower floor and seven or eight feet below the balcony. When the action on the stage started I was up on the balcony.





Ross Mirkarimi talked about what a relief it was to be among friends. He explained that he had spent the day in budget negotiations, "an atmosphere so bad it felt like the oxygen had been sucked out of the air." Then he read this official proclamation that he'd gotten for Reverend Billy. I managed to get a picture of it, which you can read by clicking on Ross reading. After he gave it to the evening's star we heard the speech I'd come to SF for.


Reverend Billy talked about how the money he is spending is tiny compared to what Bloomberg has to invest in mainstream media, but Reverend Billy for Mayor is catching fire anyhow. He talked about some aspects of his background that make him ideal for an insurgent campaign, things like being busted for reciting the First Amendment on Wall Street. He spends a lot of time in public talking to voters, and their concerns fall into three main boxes. The first group are concerned about how it's going to look nationally to have a radical Mayor in New York. The second group wants to know what he can do for the neighborhoods of New York. The third group ask "what's this Green Party stuff all about?"

Everybody listened carefully.


The tone of my pictures changed here because Julie bragged that she wasn't using her flash. Not using flash makes one a lot quieter, visually speaking.

Reverend Billy explained how the key values of the Green Party are a good fit for returning control of New York to her good citizens. He talked about his work on behalf of small businesses, getting thrown out of WallMart for telling people shopping there was hollowing out our economy.


Somewhere in there he recited the First Amendment. I found myself mumbling along. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."


He finished by explaining how we are going to make a tasty soup of free speech, neighborhood togetherness, and an end to the toxic ways of big business. Everybody was right there with him.

A couple of days after the event I found out that had put a video of this speech online. You can see that by clicking through this series of links:


Then the drum corps started up again, this time joined by a woman with a marvelously glowing hula hoop.



For their last couple of songs the drummers were joined by the rapper above them.

The woman behind the flowers talked about how impressed she was by how much sense Reverend Billy made.

The guy following her asked us all to dig into our pockets for something else to support Reverend Billy's campaign with.


Supervisor Daly said that if he could vote for Reverend Billy for Mayor of New York he would. It's the right thing to do!


Funny how burlesque dancers with signs can say more silently with a few placards than many politicians with a hot microphone and twenty minutes to tell their stories!



The woman in the pale dress is Reverend Billy's partner. She spoke of how deeply she believes in him.


There was more fun to be had, but for my report this is the bottom line. You can read a longer article about Reverend Billy by clicking here. To visit Reverend Billy's official campaign website, click here.