The woman that showed me this map gave me a postcard. One side looked like the above, the other side was detail on the green speckly area in the 2005 version. I found it so compelling that I've put it behind that. Click the map to see it.


A lot of us threw our money in that can. I gave them all my change.





Sometime around when I took these pictures I found myself talking to a Communist Party activist. He got around to explaining to me that power corrupts, and that all of the incumbents had been corrupted. I told him "I buy power from the power company for something like eleven cents a kilowatt-hour." He seemed to think I was talking about something completely different. At that point I just wanted to agree to disagree and move on. Maybe I should have started by admitting that I had been corrupted by the electric stove in my kitchen. Hopefully I'll remember to try that sometime.






There were speakers all day long. I think the only incumbent that spoke was Ross Mirkarimi, one of the very few Iranian-American legislators anywhere in the USA. His words were measured, but it was clear he thought Israel is doing the wrong thing.

The AIM speaker addressed us as "All My Relations".  He said you don't have to go all the way to Palestine to find brutal exploitation, there is such right here in America. He drew parallels between what Israel is doing to Gaza and what Peabody coal is doing to the Hopi in Arizona.