I couldn't pass up being part of critical mass's 20th anniversary ride. A whole bunch of other birds were in on the trip to. The train's bike cars were almost completely full. Lots of people got bumped to the back car, where there were always a couple of available spots.

There was some sort of minor technical difficulty that required fixing a flat. Meanwhile, we talked and got ready for the ride. It wasn't long before I headed towards Justin (or Pee-Wee) Herman (or Bradley Manning) Plaza with Frankie, Gary, and Robb. I wanted to get down there ASAP.

It was huge!






Hank remembered riding in the early critical masses. He said what they had then that was missing now was an edgy sense of "taking on the law." That was a time when bicyclists were totally marginalized by the system. There really has been a lot of change.



We came out of a tunnel and turned the corner. Many floors above us on the side of a building these dancers were doing acrobatics with a movie serving up background. I heard later that the ride lost many people there. They just parked watching the spectacle. Me, I watched for a few minutes and then rejoined the tide of bicycles going by.


Mariachi's was my favorite place to eat in the Mission District for a long time. I was sad to see that they were closed. Usually it's for good when they look like that on Friday night.






I think of the woman in green as "Alabama". It was kinda fun to talk to her.



I barely remember that D. C. Transit light rail. I don't think I saw it live in action, but I saw it in a memorial museum tour. I guess that museum didn't get enough visitors, so they sold the exhibits to San Francisco, and now they are rolling stock again. I could have seen that very train touring the museum!