This was San Francisco Bike Party's Clown Ride. On the train going up we were "getting our clown looks on".

I asked the woman with the gray makeup pencil if she was Asian. She said "I can pretend." That sounds like a Latin answer to me.


The ride was assembling in China Basin, the outcropping across McCovey Cove from the Giant's Stadium, AT&T Park. I was testing the life span of my new camera's battery. Since it was still on the first charge I was finding out how far it would go. I knew I didn't have much life left, but I wanted to find out what that meant. I tried not to waste my charge, so this was partly about what I was able to get out of it.


Thank you John Barton for that picture of a rabbit eared one!

The woman in yellow with the sexy red tights said her name is Meridith. She said that SJBP had been her idea. I know I met her in the parking lot by the Campbell Water Tower, back in the early bike party days. She was handing out route sheets, just like she was when I saw her this time. She had switched to building the San Francisco Bike Party when she moved there, a year or two ago now.


By the time we got rolling there were at least many hundreds of us there.


I remember Bubbles (AKA Bubble Lady) explaining to me that the "bubble fields" that spray out behind her when her bubble machines are working are a metaphor for pollution. Easier to see than carbon dioxide, easier to experience than carbon dioxide, and more of a "pollution experience" when they land on your glasses than carbon dioxide. A bridge between the nerf toys of our "Disneyfied" reality and the abstract reality of the global pollution issues that we must learn how to communicate the urgency of to people that just say "I don't get it."


Yup, bike party still stops at red lights when cars are waiting. We're still about making being a law abiding citizen drawing your movement power from your muscles a more empowered thing than being a consumer.


My camera wasn't able to take any more pictures after I got this one of Susan. All of its power had been sucked out of the battery after the taking of about 147 pictures. (The box had said "up to 300 pictures per charge" and I'd wondered what that meant for me.) Maybe I could have gotten another (50?) pictures out of it if I'd not left it running after uploading yesterday's pictures, but that's not bad. There was one more ride and a regroup at the end when I didn't have any camera to take pictures with.

On the way back to San Jose somebody told me my whiteface worked. I looked at my reflection in the window. It looked very white. I turned to Dora and told her "you made a white guy out of me". At the time it was giving me that "I want to scratc I had to charge the camera's battery a bit before I could add that last one.h my face" feeling. I was thinking my face hasn't been this white many times before, and I don't expect it to be again soon. I had to charge the camera's battery a bit before I could add that last one. My skin was very happy when I finally washed that stuff off.