For a long time I've been saying "I want to do Sacramento Bike Party!" So Virginia organized a trip up there for the two of us. Her car provided the mobility. We got there in plenty of time. Had a yummy dinner at the Tower Cafe. Half way through dinner I realized I'd forgotten to copy down directions to the start. No problem, Virginia pulled out her smart phone and tapped on the screen for a few minutes. Presto! Turn by turn directions from here to there. I was sure we were going in the right direction when I realized we weren't the only well lit bikes headed for the start. In fact, Sacramento Bike Party has some riders that really do it right!


Once we got to the start we milled around for a while. Maybe half a dozen of us had come up from SJBP to check out SBP.


The guy in blue with the orange sash got up and explained the bike party rules. Stay right, obey the law, roll past conflict, don't get smashed, and have fun! Then he said we'd be heading out in five minutes or something like that. A bit after that I talked to the guy and he told me "No politics." Put a chill on the way I like to enjoy bike party. After pondering the situation for a few minutes I went underground. Therefore there is nothing political about this page. NOTHING!

We had a great time riding for half an hour or something like that.

Ended up in Old Sac. for the first regroup.

It wasn't thousands of people like San Jose, but it was at least a couple of hundred. The vibe was good. Awesome percentage of well lit bikes!



After taking this picture I decided to just enjoy the event for a while. Didn't take any more pictures except when there was very good reason.



There was a hot dog vendor at the start, but beyond that I didn't see any merchandising. Generally we had a good time. Thank you Sacramento!