Peninsula Bike Party's forth ride. It was Halloween, so the theme was Halloweenish. There were something like 25 of us at the start, just enough that it felt like I was really riding with a group when we hit the road.


Some of the costumes were a bit subtle to really think of as costumes, but these guys were the pace setters in the group.

I'm still learning how to capture the effect of the blinking lights stretching out in front of me. This was the best "riding" picture I got that night.


Our second stop was at the Catholic (I think) Seminary in Menlo Park. Somebody mentioned that this statue blessed vehicles parked in front of him, so I parked my bike there for a moment. Supposedly his blessing helps you stay out of accidents. Hope it works.


Our next stop was this awesomely staged party at Stanford's Mausoleum. We could see the dancing and carousing, but you had to have a Stanford student ID to get in. There was lots of security, including County Sherrif's and black shirts. We just decided to look for a more comfortable spot to hang out for a bit.


Our last stop was the gates of hell. After that we scattered, each going to our different destinations. Some headed north, others got the train to San Jose, and the rest of us pedaled back south.