This was Peninsula Bike Party's Facebook Ride. When I got to Lytton Plaza there were already maybe a dozen bike riders there. We just talked about whatever. Several more riders were on the train that gets to Palo Alto at 8:06, so the ride couldn't leave before that. I pushed stickers. Somewhere in that time I met a couple of guys that said they were facebook employees. They didn't want their pictures taken. Then I got into a situation where I wanted to take some pictures and got out my New Zealand camera.



I'm still groping through the modes the thing has, figuring out what I can and can't do with it. Sometimes getting a good picture is easy, but then that changes. Sometimes I can't figure out how to get out of the mode it's in. Then later I find another mode that does interesting things. For sure I don't yet know it well enough to get good pictures every time on the first try yet.


Rob explained on the test ride that this was once Facebook engineering's building. Marketing and Corporate were a couple of buildings away and on another street nearby. That program I used to spread the word that this page exists, where you could have found a link to this page, was likely created or evolved inside this building. When we were there it was vacant real estate though.


John said this is probably the only bottle of this Silver Tequila in the USA. The bottle was designed and manufactured in France. The flavor is excellent. He likes bragging on the stuff. The name sounds like "yeah you", with the "h" sound kinda dropped out.








A lot of us spent a few moments mugging in front of the facebook like logo. Then somebody spread the word that the southbound train would be leaving soon.  We got Adina to lead us down to the Menlo Park station.


We got there with five or ten minutes to spare. I took some pictures of some of those who were there.

Due to not missing the train, I got home at a more civilized hour than I can remember from another bike party. Something like midnight. Not only that, but I didn't have the tiredness of pedaling back from San Jose on top of the ride. My legs had plenty of pep the next day. That was such a nice change.