The guy in the bed of the pickup with the microphone is Peter Camejo.* I didn't see this, but my understanding is that it was somewhere near the back of the parade. After the parade he spoke again on civic center plaza, and he got a lot of good response from the crowd for what he had to say then. How many other politicians marched against going to war for oil?


That picture on the right is Uncle Sam pouring gasoline down Dubya's throat. Apparently the guy is so addicted to oil that the government can lead him around like a suckling calf, or at least that was the story being told.


That middle picture was animated in a way that doesn't show here. He kind of wriggled on his throne. The people that carried the guy with the presidential ego through the march must have been bone weary at the end. He was huge compared to most signs.


On the other side of the VOTE PEACE pennant it said VOTE GREEN. They were giving them out at the Green Party Booth, which I never got a good picture of. Many people attached them to the tops of their signs that said other things. I think they went best with the ones that said REGIME CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME. I wish I had managed to get a picture of one of those for this page. It was easy to get the impression that you could solve a lot of problems we all share by voting Green November 5th.



There were so many signs it was simply not possible to show them all. Some, like the huge Peace Action missiles, were very well designed. Others, like these were more the work of a single person.


Make music not war! Start seeing bicycles!


There were a number of people that were so colorful I just had to notice. The green man is their representative on this page. Earlier I saw an orange skeleton walking around, but I was so busy doing my Little Speeches that I didn't get a picture of it/him/her. The colorful ones gave the event a wacky quality that made me feel like I was walking around on the holodeck in a Star Trek reality.

NO WAR AGAINST IRAQ was a widely shared idea at the march. This rendition of it was on the literature booth to the left of the Green Party booth, on Civic Center Plaza where the march ended.


Dana and Gerry with a couple of people that I met at the end of the march. Dana's hat had lots of Green Party buttons on it, including a couple of Vote Jo ones. Gerry's had more NO IRAQ ATTACK ones in the mix. Both hats were great visual statements. By the way: those bushes behind my friends have way more stem cells than the one in the White House.

Beth and Ken Adams. Ken Adams and I are the only two people who have gotten votes in California's 5th Congressional District as ballot status Green Party Candidates. Beth was pitching those newspapers by calling out "GOOD NEWS!!!" People were lapping them up.

As the bus for Palo Alto pulled away from Civic Center Plaza, there was still lots of activity. If CalTrain had been running I would have stayed behind to enjoy the rest of the day. As it was, I had a great time.

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*Special thanks to Steve for emailing me his picture of Camejo in the parade. I missed it in the crowd. There were so many other things to see, and I didn't know where to look.