When I got there Steven Gray was singing. Somebody told me things had just started.


Carol read her campaign launch statement and announced that she had a new website. The gist of it is that she is now seeking nominating signatures as the Green Party Candidate for Congress in the 14th District. That seat is currently held by Anna Eshoo.

Peter Drekmeier of the Palo Alto City Council was the only incumbent that showed up. He has known Carol for years, and is currently working on revolutionary ways to make Palo Alto City government more energy efficent.


The Swami was great. He urged everybody to turn off the television and tell a vision to each other in the default word.

The Time of Usefull Conciousness woman told us of ten years or so of Carols Activism. She has been a busy liberal.

I think Riva Enteen was the one that said the 9/11 Hearings on Capitol Hill had been caused by Carols work.


Annie and the Vets played a great set of music.

Laura Wells ran for State Controller four years ago, and because of that is currently world record holder in number of votes for a Green Party Candidate in an election. She promised to follow the money in Sacramento to make California a better home for its citizens.


Dennis Kyne announced that he is running for Supervisor in San Jose's Third District.


When I left Carol was still gathering signatures behind her table. If you want to drop by and sign her nominating papers, she will be at Lytton Plaza from 11 AM to 1  PM most Wednesdays. If you want her to listen to you visit before noon, if you want to hear speaking be there after noon.